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Gladstone Dental Lab

Gladstone Dental Lab is a family-business Dental Studio specialized in high-end, state-of-the-art, aesthetic, metal-free, porcelain and zirconia dental restorations, such as crowns, bridges, and prosthesis over implants.

Gladstone Coelho is a highly experienced dental technologist who has lived and worked in Winnipeg for 5 years, which has given him an in-depth insight and greatly increased his experience and knowledge of the local dental lab market. Furthermore, he operated his own dental lab business successfully for more than 20 years in Brazil.
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Gladstone Coelho

CEO & Founder
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Our Mission

To provide state-of-art dental restorations for dentists seeking differentiation, enhancing their patient’s quality of life through smiling with self-confidence, and adding value to their practices through outstanding final results.

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Our Vision

Create a niche in the dental market, a new pattern in dental aesthetics, producing high-end aesthetic restorations.

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Environmental goals

To be environmentally friendly, reducing waste and fluids contaminations using a fully digital process and recycled paper for packaging...

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Why Choose Us

Advantages & Technologies

The unique value proposition of this Dental Studio focused on high-end aesthetic porcelain and/ or zirconia crowns and bridges, is the utilization of digital technologies, such as scanners and 3D printers, to eliminate dental impressions and stone models from the fabrication process. This will minimize the cross-contamination and spread of life-threatening germs and dust throughout the process.

Moreover, clients will perceive the lab work as unique in shape and colour, bringing life to artificial teeth, features that are hard to find in full-service, large production dental labs.

Easy connection Practice-to-Lab through full digital process

Detail-oriented lab dedicated to producing artificial teeth that look real and natural.

Most competitors are full-service dental labs, with many employees, facing challenges in quality control, lacking natural shape and shade in their products.

Gladstone Dental Lab has 30 years of experience, being highly skilled in dental aesthetics restorations, working with digital images and porcelain stratification to fill in this gap in the market.


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